Private Pool for hire in Norwich

Private Pool for Hire in Norwich

175 Newmarket Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR4 6AP

Telephone: Norwich (01603) 506160

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Private Swimming Pool For Hire

The luxury 36ft by 18ft pool is heated to an average of 31 degrees and is enclosed in a well insulated building warmed by a climate control system. There are comfortable non-slip floor surfaces throughout. An oxygen compound is used instead of a chlorine treatment which benefits from being odourless and kind to the skin and hair.

There is a changing room, a shower room, and a large relaxing area by the side of the pool with teak loungers to rest on. The glass wall on one side of the building overlooks an acre of mature gardens with the facility to open two sets of patio doors in high summer (see main photo). A large parking area is immediately next to the pool and is well lit at night.


The pool is open 7 days a week from 08:00 to 22:00 and is bookable as 55 minute slots for between 2 and 5 swimmers.

No children under 8 years are allowed.

Rates are as follows:

1 off swims £12.50 per slot, i.e. £2.50 per person if 5 people are sharing.
5 week blocks £62.50 per slot
13 week blocks £150.00 per slot

There is a further discount available for people coming twice a week or more - call for details.

The timeslot will never be given away unless you give notice, renewal is on the 5th or 13th swim. You can give your slot to family and friends when you cannot use the session, please let us know by phone prior to them coming as they will need to sign the disclaimer form.

To book or view contact Peter or Dawn Thompson on 01603 506160 or via email;

Swimming Lessons

TRANSFORM YOUR SWIMMING with the Alexander Technique "from the inside out" with Jonathan Drake
One-to-one/one-to-two lessons at 175 Newmarket Road Pool.

  • find your poise & balance in the water
  • build confidence
  • avoid undue tension & strain
  • breathe more easily
  • swim further/faster with less effort
  • enjoy your swimming, above all; put an end to ploughing mindlessly up & down the pool. Swimming as re-creation.

Jonathan Drake is a qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique & T'ai-chi. He is the author of three books on AT & has been teaching it for nearly 20 years in Norwich. He has a particular interest in applying Alexander principles to a wide range of fitness activities, including running, skiing/skating, use of the rowing machine & other gym activities, T'ai-chi & swimming. For the last 8 years, he has been learning with Steven Shaw, pioneer of the Art of Swimming (see

Phone Jonathan on 01603 503794 for further details or to arrange a session.

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